Princess Burger Flipper and Lady Of The Fries (dandygrrrl) wrote in vampirewritings,
Princess Burger Flipper and Lady Of The Fries

Of Toys And Tortour

Title: Of Toys and Tortour
Pairing: Frank/Gerard, (My chemical romance)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A Toy gets to witness something they shouldn't
Disclaimer: Of course I know Frank and Gerard because I always write poorly written slashy horror fics about people I know. (Umm I lie I don't know them and certainly don't own them. I'm making no profit don't sue because I'm poor and working classed)
Warnings: Creepy, horror, pwp, vampires.

( Read more... ) ( part two )Chapter Three )

You can find all my fanfic based in this AU at [info]rd_au also crossposted at [info]fobvampirehunt 
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