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Restrictions Lifted (Anita Blake: Vampire Executioner - Asher/Jean-Claude)

Title: Restrictions Lifted
Author: twinsarein 
Requestor:  skinscript 
Fandom: Anita Blake - Vampire Executioner
Pairing: Asher/Jean-Claude
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 3,060
Genre: PWP, Established Relationship
Kinks: Masturbation, rimming, rough sex
Warnings: It’s a story of vampire sex, does blood play still have to be warned for? If so, consider this it.
Prompt as summary: Anita finally agrees to let the boys be together. Jean-Claude has romance in mind, but Asher convinces him to go for something a little more raw.
Feedback: If you don’t leave some, you might be risking an unpleasant vampire bite.
Disclaimer:  Not mine.  The characters belong to Laurell K. Hamilton.
A/N: Written to a prompt by skinscript  for slashfest  and cross-posted to mmom

Cut to the story on my LJ
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